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Author Topic: If multiple developers work together, dose everyone need to install GT Program?  (Read 98 times)


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Hello Friends,
We have multiple developers in the UE4 team, include designers, artists and programmers. Everyone needs to open the UE4 Editor to work.
Now I have installed GT as a game plugin and made some interfaces. I want to submit the GT features to SVN so others can work on it together.

So there is a question   :'(
Is it necessary for every game developer to install the GT plugin in their computer?
Or there is a way to submit the project after I install it myself, then others just need update my project content without care about the binary engine?

For now,  if they didn't install the GT plugin on their own computer,  after updated my content, their UE4 editor will report an error.

Any reply will be very helpful,thanks friends

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