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Author Topic: Problem Of In-World UMG In Screen Space On PS4  (Read 225 times)


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Problem Of In-World UMG In Screen Space On PS4
« on: September 07, 2018, 12:10:52 AM »
Our Requirement:
Show a health bar on head of monsters,
always facing camera,
not affected by light and exposure (eye adaptation).

So I put a coherent widget in a UMG,
used by a widget component of the monster,
and set the widget component in screen space.

Everything is good on Windows,
but when it run on PS4 devkit,
there's a white block blinking on the first sight of each health bar.
I estimated the white block is visible over about 3 frames.
The white block tends to be located the right hand size of the screen.

Only the first sight of the coherent widget produced the blinking white block.

We guess it may be something rendered before resizing and completely loading.

We also tried to load the coherent widget and its HTML before we set it visible,
but in vain.
It seems that the coherent widget is not loaded until it is seen.

We created a new simple ue4 third-personal project to test this problem,
and add the coherent widget even with about:blank,
with the least code and bp added,
and the blinking white block remained.

Is there a way to solve it?
Or is there a recommended workaround?

UE 4.19.2
Coherent UI GT
PS4 SDK & DevKit 5.008

BTW, we also simply tried the world space case.
Our UMG contained a button and a coherent widget.
We found the location of the widget is not correct at the initial some frames.
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Re: Problem Of In-World UMG In Screen Space On PS4
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 09:32:05 AM »
Hi MidnightFifteen,

We are aware of this issue and we're currently working on resolving it. The fix in will be included in one of our upcoming Coherent GT releases - you can keep an eye on our changelog https://coherent-labs.com/changelog-coherent-gt/.

If you have any other questions of similar kind, please shoot an email to support@coherent-labs.com and we can take it from there!

John V,
Support Engineer at Coherent Labs
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