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Author Topic: Coherent GT UI requires to be clicked or pressing TAB to gain keyboard focus  (Read 181 times)


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This has been baffling me for 3 days now.
I followed this tutorial to the T : http://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/UnrealEngine4-GT/d2/df6/_coherent__g_t_for__unreal__engine_4_plugin.html#Sample_game

 and the one problem I keep facing is that we want to be able to press Enter and open a chatbox widget that's powered by coherent gt and directing to a URL where a page with a text input field awaits.
The goal is to press Enter and have the ability to immediately start typing anything INTO the field itself.

My UI developer has managed to set the proper focus on the field on his end of the code, and I am able to properly set keyboard focus on the WIDGET, but there's that intermediate step where it requires me to click on the box or press TAB in order to be able to write into it...

Any way to have that without using mouse/tab?

Please help.



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Hey Cyber,

Input focus of the Coherent GT's View can be set accordingly when Enter is pressed by attaching the Toggle Coherent UIInput Focus blueprint node in the Blueprint Level Editor as shown in this image. If you are using a C++ project instead of blueprints-only one, you can set it programmatically via the FSlateApplication::Get().SetKeyboardFocus(Widget) method.

There is a detailed explanation on how to handle the focus in the specific cases in our documentation in the Input section.

I hope this helps.

Support Engineer at Coherent Labs