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Author Topic: Editor broken on (editor version) with unreal 4.14.3  (Read 1099 times)


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After upgrade Unreal and Coherent UIGT, I create new hud through click button "Coherent GT > Add HUD" in a new project, and double click "hud.html" in content browser of unreal editor.

Coherent Editor was opened, but there is only code edit function, no timeline or any draw tool panel were display.
Additional problem, Coherent Editor cannot be closed if any html file has opened.

How should I fix it? Thanks!


Before upgrade:
Coherent Editor
Unreal 4.12.5


After upgrade:
Coherent Editor
Unreal 4.14.3

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Re: Editor broken on (editor version) with unreal 4.14.3
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 08:51:04 AM »
Hi yujuiting,

The reason for your first problem is that files created in our Editor have additionally generated HTML. As Coherent Editor is a tool for UI creation, the workflow we recommend is to create all HTML files in Coherent Editor and import information from your existing UI in them.

The generated code is located between the <!-- Coherent Editor Start --> and <!-- Coherent Editor End --> comments. If you'd like, you can import information from an already existing HTML below the <!-- Coherent Editor End --> line.

We couldn't reproduce the second issue you mentioned. Could you send us the Coherent Editor log file so that we could investigate this further?

John V,
Support Engineer at Coherent Labs