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Author Topic: Unity Ready for Bindings  (Read 491 times)


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Unity Ready for Bindings
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:56:41 AM »
So I'm very new to this, doing some testing and research.  I followed the tutorials but ran across an issue with Listener.ReadyForBindings += (frameId, path, isMainFrame) => { }; not being part of the new GTUI.  How do I call this check at the Start of my script now?



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Re: Unity Ready for Bindings
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 07:11:46 AM »
Hi midwinterdreams,

The OnReadyForBindings(frameId, path, isMainFrame) signature is specific to Coherent Browser, as you can see in our documentation - http://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp/d7/dd2/class_coherent_1_1_u_i_1_1_view_listener.html#afe3f4d66c1b05fe4282fd238e1e17a2e. To use ReadyForBindings (http://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp/d7/dd2/class_coherent_1_1_u_i_1_1_view_listener.html#afe3f4d66c1b05fe4282fd238e1e17a2e) in Coherent GT you can do this:

Code: [Select]
      m_View.Listener.ReadyForBindings += () => {
    // handler code goes here
        // ...

You can also use our BindingGT sample scene as a reference if you have any additional difficulties.

Best regards,
John V.
Support Engineer at Coherent Labs