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Author Topic: Feedbacks on the beta version  (Read 1776 times)


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Feedbacks on the beta version
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:30:13 AM »

    I have been testing the CoherentUI Editor all the day and here are my feedbacks.

    The Editor is pretty nice and easy to understand. Panels are well organized and I really appreciated the full list of events available to add JS code.

    The problem is, I have been facing so many bugs that I doubt I will use it again, at least in a production way (beta testing is still a possibility, though).

    I will try to organize my thoughts here :

    • User actions :

    The fact that Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+S have no effect is pretty disturbing. Undo seems to work though using the back arrow of the toolbar. Are they hotkeys avaible in the editor? I can't found a settings menu with a list of hotkeys.

    You can't delete several components in the Hierarchy Panel, you have to do it one by one. The same issue happens in the Viewport.

    Even with the Ctrl+Click tip to select a sub component in the Viewport, it isn't easy to be precise when dealing with overlapping components.

    If you do a right click, you get the "export as widget" popup than can't go away (clicking anywhere or using the Esc key as no effect).

    • UI :

    The lack of tooltips isn't helping the understanding of the UI.

    The rollout system for the Properties Panel is quite buggy as some rollouts stay over others, or some properties values have kind of shadow effects over the panel.

    The tab system for the different files you are working on is not working well, as sometime you can't close a tab even is no modification has been done (no "save as" popup in the background).

    • Editing :

    There is no template position for the components (center, left to, etc.), nor anchor or docking system. Also, the relative position does not seem to be relative to the parent of the component.

    The effects on the borders are not all working, I was  only able to manage the double border effect.

    Style effects like Blur in the Viewport do not always reflects the current value of the Blur property from the Properties Panel.

    Keeping the Del key pressed when editing a property value can delete the component you are editing the property from.

    Editing a property often requires a double click on the input area. Pressing Enter after the edit does not remove the focus from the property and does not trigger a viewport update.

    Text value of a Text component can not be edited in the viewport, only in the Properties Panel but the input area is too small.

    • Timeline :

    There is no way to set a precise time value. When selecting a keyframe, you don't have informations about the property value unless the Property Panel is already open and the maching rollout is visible.

    The Play button of the toolbar does not always work, whereas the time slider do play the animation.

    • Misc :
    Deleting code from the JavaScript text editor deletes the component you are adding code to (maybe the same issue as holding Del key while editing a property.

    The lack of documentation, either on the site or the forums is really not helping (except, maybe, if you are working with UE4). Tutorials on how to animate properties of the components would have been more than welcome.

    There must be some auto-backup running cause when I get the unwanted delete issues, I quite the editor to avoid loosing my work as the Undo was not working...but my file was saved anyway so when I open it back, the unwanted delete were registered and I lost my work anyway.

I want you to understand that the aim of my post is not to freely criticize CoherentUI Editor, but to give you the whole feedbacks of my day testing it. I was really looking for this tool but I must say that I am very disappointed of its current state. I know it is still under development, and I am looking forward to hear about new releases, so I will stay in touch with you guys.

Wish you all the best!


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Re: Feedbacks on the beta version
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2016, 10:28:53 AM »
Hi Darholm,

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! It is very important for us to shape our products to better match the needs of our users and we really appreciate that you took the time to write this post. I'm sorry that you've ran into some difficulties. I believe the majority of them will be addressed in the latest version - 1.3.5 that we are about to release this week. Here are some more specific answers to your questions:

User actions :

   - Ctrl+S is already available in 1.3.5 and Ctrl+Z will be added in 1.4
   - Several elements can now be deleted in 1.3.5 
   - the export to widget panel has a cancel option in 1.3.5
UI :

   - we have plans to add tooltips to panels but I'm not sure yet if they will included in 1.4
   - this seems like a rendering glitch. Which version of Coherent GT are your using? It's best to report such cases directly to our support team at support@coherent-labs.com
   - we have an improved saving system that will address this issue and will be included in 1.4.
Editing :

   - the anchor system is a planned feature in our mid-term roadmap
   - this again looks like a rendering glitch
   - the del key is handled differently in 1.3.5 so this should no longer happen
   - the enter key is also handled differently in 1.3.5 so this should no longer happen
   - editing the text fields live in the viewport is a planned feature in our mid-term roadmap
Timeline :

   - numeric input field for the animation panel is a planned feature in version 1.5
   - can you provide a sample scenario when this occurred so that we can reproduce it and debug it?

Misc :

   - indeed it is related to the one above and it should no longer happen in 1.3.5
   - The Coherent Editor documentation is actually online - https://coherent-labs.com/editor/documentation/ and you can also open it from the help menu in the Editor
   - the auto-recove option is a planned feature in our mid-term roadmap

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the difficulties that you've had and when they will be improved. We have a very rapid development cycle and the editor is evolving a lot every week. We are working hard both to improve the UX of the current tools and to introduce new ones. Next week we'll also share some more information about the top new enhancements in the Editor that in the mid-term roadmap.

Thanks again for the feedback!


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Re: Feedbacks on the beta version
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2016, 11:55:22 PM »
Hello Hristo,

I think I am currently using the Pro Trial version of CoherentGT and the version of CoherentEditor.
Reading from you it appears that the main part of my issues will be solved in next version, and I am glad to hear that.
I looked into Trello but it seems that there is only generel informations about the roadmap. Is there a way to have a look at a more detailled roadmap? For example you are talking about features (like anchor/docking) already planned but I can't see them in the Trello.
Anyway, I will wait for the 1.4 release and will give you more feedbacks then.



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Re: Feedbacks on the beta version
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2016, 05:39:13 AM »
Hi Darholm,

We've just released the previously discussed version 1.3.5. I'll also let you know when the Coherent Editor 1.4 is out so that you can check it.

We have actually several features in the backlog that are related to anchoring/docking of UI elements. The anchoring system will allow you to dock UI elements related to corners/centers of the scene. The snap to guides will allow you to create guidelines and when moving the UI elements they will snap to them. Furthermore we also have planned automatic guides from other UI elements. The discussed features are in our mid-term roadmap but I cannot give your an exact estimated yet when they will be available. We are currently preparing a blogpost that will have more information about the roadmap of the Editor and the top features we are working on.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback!